Day Spa Furniture: How to Set a Relaxing Tone

Returning to my constant theme, which is that the day spa is a sanctuary, this awareness must inform every detail of the establishment. The day spa furniture and fittings are, of course, pre-eminently a feature of this uniform approach to the design and philosophy of a successful day spa operation. The lines that you can see in the shape and lay out of furnishings and the interior design within a day spa facility impact upon your experience. They must be calming and conducive to the practice of contemplation.

Many day spas employ the Japanese Zen style in their furnishings, as this is proven to be an accessory to tranquillity. The low wooden furniture, the simple lines, rice paper screens, stone gardens and such; all evoke the spirit of another age. One, which appears to have been far less complicated and busy in comparison to our own twenty first century lifestyles. The natural elements utilised in these Zen interior designs speak to our souls of the essence of things. Life is pared back to what is vital and the endless white noise is shut out with Samurai sword like efficiency.

Natural elements can be utilised in day spa furniture designs sans the Japanese Zen look. Whatever theme the day spa may be designed around; wooden furniture communicates that essential message to patrons. Avoiding frippery and too fancy fittings for the sanctuary of simplicity will serve the true spa best. Learning how to care for wooden furniture will be important in the long run for the maintenance of the facility. Being in harmony with your natural surroundings is an integral part of the day spa philosophy. Rubbing up the right way with wood will provide you with the path of least resistance.

When you walk into a day spa for the first time it is like meeting a potential soul mate or partner; first impressions are everything. If the furniture and design strikes you as incongruous, or strange in any way, you will not wish to spend time within this establishment. Your soul must feel at home, immediately, within the walls of this facility that regularly use cleaning services. It will be hard to let go into relaxation if the chords struck are off key. Healing will be harder if the look and feel of the place are out of kilter with your expectations. The day spa furniture must set that relaxing tone right from the outset.

Security for Day Spa Guests

A day spa is essentially a sanctuary. A sanctuary from the stresses of the modern world. It is a place where you can return to the simple sensory realm and find calm. Security is an important issue when guests are entrusting themselves into our care. You cannot relax if you do not feel safe and secure. We are all about relaxing you, so that you can experience a soothing transformation. Aromatherapy techniques are all about calming you through pleasing scents and they only work if you are feeling secure.

As you can see, security for day spa guests, is an important factor in a well run operation. If you have a primarily disrobed clientele on your premises then you must make sure that their belongings are safe and secure. You can employ a locker system, where the client has access to lockers and locks up their own belongings. Alternatively, you have an employee responsible for this important task; who locks and monitors the room where clients leave their belongings. Security around the external perimeter of the day spa will also be important, as this deters criminals from targeting your establishment.

Locksmith services will be an integral supporting relationship for the overall security of your day spa operation. Having a company that you can whole heartedly trust with your security is an absolute priority. Guests must be able to put their complete faith in your ability to maintain their safety and security at all times within your facility. To put it crudely, nobody takes their clothes off anywhere they feel less than entirely safe. Usually the only other place that people disrobe in is their home; your day spa must be safe as houses. The locks on all the doors must work and the people who have access to the keys must be above reproach.

Security for day spa guests is the foundation upon which every other piece of the business puzzle is built. Things like security and police checks on your staff and therapists, which are also advisable. Think of your day spa as that sanctuary against the vicissitudes of the big bad world and your guests as vulnerable beings entrusted into your protection. You must ensure their safety if you are to deliver on your promise to heal and if you are to prosper. The spa is a magical place of healing and tranquillity; and it must be made safe.

Digital Technology for Day Spas: How to Market & Run a Spa Better

Holistic therapists are, in the main, more concerned with healing others and providing a sanctuary from the unfeeling world. We want to soothe you and transport you to sensory realms free from worry and the harsh realities of some people’s normal lives. We are, also, often running businesses, which must survive and hopefully thrive economically. To achieve both of these aims technology can help us by allowing us to be better organised and to communicate more effectively. Life in the scented world of the day spa is about balancing and multitasking, with a minimum of stress of course, because we are, ultimately, a stress free zone.

Digital technology can greatly assist us by improving both intercommunication, between the various parts of our business, and external communications, in the form of marketing to our potential client base. It can reduce expenses and target its effectiveness to produce business viability. Running a program like Office 365 can provide the pathways between team members to share information and communicate for the betterment of the operation as a whole. Client information needs to be shared by the therapists, accounts and the marketing department; and this great Microsoft program can underpin all the connected strands of our business.

Obviously, a website is paramount to the effective promotion of a day spa. This website must not only be beautiful and informative, it must be SEO-ed to ensure that it reaches our full potential market base. It must be on Google’s first page for the optimal keywords for the day spa industry. When a potential client searches online for a day spa in our city, or for a particular therapy or modality that we offer, we must come up tops in that search. To help this further we would want our social media to be managed and maintained by professionals.

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter are all channels of social media, which can funnel interest toward our day spa. These things need to be updated weekly and, even, daily if possible, to make best use of their abilities to successfully market our business. Digital technology is a great friend for the day spa industry and a thriving business will utilise it completely for optimal marketing results. Images of day spa therapies inspire women to come and experience them. Beauty, tranquillity, calm, deep tissue, massage, aromatherapy: these are all terms which can excite women to act upon their urges.

Time to Have an Adult Chat About Your Health

On occasions, we receive clients at our day spas who are, somewhat, disassociated from their current health status. In these situations, as responsible health practitioners, we see it as time to have an adult chat about your health. You may be a smoker, seriously overweight, or exhibiting some other profoundly unhealthy attitude to life, and it is our duty to bring some awareness to these potentially life threatening circumstances. Transformation begins with the sincere desire for change and only then can the many therapies we offer begin to affect your life in positive directions.

Attitudinal work is as important as any of the physical modalities we employ to heal you and transform your outlook on your existence. Toxic personalities are the result of bad attitudes and negative ways of thinking. Learning to heal these, and to be open to new and positive thoughts about yourself, are the cornerstones to our therapeutic approach in the day spa industry. Soothing experiences can begin to make you feel safer, but you must understand that the real work will need to be done by you. As practitioners, we can only point out the way and various methods by which you can undertake this self healing.

When it is time to have an adult chat about your health, it is usually, a ‘fork in the road’ moment where you instigate change or you get very sick. By this I mean that it is late in the day for this change to be affected and without it a health crisis is imminent. You cannot go on ignoring the signs as you age, such as carrying serious excess weight, smoking, drinking too much and indulging in other debilitating habits. Eventually life catches up with you and you will be forced to pay for your intemperance.

Day spas are places where you can come and experience beautiful therapies, which may be sensual and calming; but you cannot expect these experiences if you are on the verge of a health crisis. In these circumstances, we are a sanctuary to have that serious discussion about your health. We offer a place where you can openly lay all your cards on the table and together we can evaluate your options. It is never too late for change, but you must bring all of you to bear on your quest for redemption. We are here to help, but we need your profound assistance.


What Spiritual Treatments Are Available at Many Day Spas?

In the old days, people soak themselves in hot springs to refresh their tired bodies and revive their spirit. Spa therapies were adopted by monks in the ancient times because they found it easy to relax and connect the spirit with God. Today many similar methods to relax and enhance wellbeing can be achieved in a spa. Going to a spa is a good way to soothe the body, mind and spirit. There are varieties of spa that can help you achieve spiritual development and enhance the quality of life. Spa treatment with spiritual component will help you achieve inner peace and balance. What spiritual treatments are available at many day spas?

Intuitive energy healing
This holistic energy therapy incorporates physical, mental, emotional and spiritual factors to treat the body. Therapists realign the chakras and restore energy flow through traditional reiki techniques and massage. Gentle massage technique will decrease muscle tension, improve blood circulation, reduce stress and restore energy. The gentle, rhythmic fluid motion will disperse energy throughout the body for optimum health. Energy therapy stimulates the body’s own natural healing ability.

Craniosacral and myofascial therapy
This companion treatment is among the favourite of spa enthusiast. This treatment deals primarily with the circulation of spinal fluids in the upper body including the neck and head. This can be used to treat chronic headaches, reduce inflammation and reduce stress. Light touch and pressure applied to the body’s connective tissues help to balance the central nervous system to release restrictions and encourage the body’s natural healing abilities.

Intuitive psychic readings
Many day spas offer psychic readings as part of their services. Intuitive counsellors are gifted individuals who possess additional senses and can see into the future. Intuitive counsellors do psychic reading to help people see more clearly regarding things they are going through whether it be financial, love or health, readings will help them develop solutions to their problems.

Vibrational therapy massage
Specially blended oils that vibrate the frequency of the chakras or energy centres are used in vibrational therapy massage. Breathing in the aromatic oil with light massage gives synergistic experience. This relaxing massage opens the energy centres and revitalizes the body, mind and spirit.

Guided meditation
Regular practice of meditation helps to slow down the heart rate and breathing. Blood pressure normalizes and the function of the immune system improves with meditation. Guided meditation helps to retard ageing by allowing the adrenal glands to produce less cortisol. Spa package normally include three 15-30 minute sessions of guided personal instruction and practice.

Sleep healing
Lack of sleep contributes to increased risk of chronic illnesses, obesity, diabetes and shortened lifespan. Achieving good quality sleep is important to have a healthier life. Many spas are devoted to help people achieve proper sleep. They conduct classes to teach spa-goers valuable tools to calm the mind, release unwanted emotions and effective solutions to manage sleep disturbances.

Vibroacoustics sound healing
Sound therapy releases tension, focuses awareness, improve the flow of energy in the body and mind and restores vitality. It targets energy centres using vibration to awaken vitality and bliss. This therapy helps relieve everyday stress and emotional concerns.


Horse Massage & Hydrotherapy: Equine Bliss

Athletes and their performance horses work very hard to win the race. Strenuous training often leads to soreness, stiffness, injuries and pain. That is why it’s important for those who participate in horse racing to cool down after an intensive physical exertion. Horses can primarily benefit from pre and post event therapy. Horse massage is a great therapy because it triggers the body’s ability to self-healing; it relieves stress and assist in recovery from injuries. Massage techniques affect the whole body of the horse by enhancing circulatory, musculoskeletal and nervous system functioning. Horse massage can be a crucial part of ongoing health maintenance plan, physiotherapy and rehabilitation process.

The benefits of regular horse massage include:
• Preventive therapy
• Better metabolism which results in better health and performance
• Relieves muscular tension and alleviate pain
• Shorter recuperation time from surgery or broken bones
• Faster healing and recovery on horse of all ages and conditions
• Better caring for their needs and emotional bonding with horses
• Relax the horses when excitable and relieve stress
• Reduces inflammation caused by strenuous activities, muscle strain and trauma
• Help to assess and detect any musculoskeletal abnormalities
• Helps in maintaining mobility and relieving discomfort on older horses

Massage has been used to treat horse injury and illness for thousands of years. This form of alternative medicine is widely accepted and recognized by traditional medical community. It can be easily applied, cost effective and should not be treated as luxury by horse owners. With the broad range of ailments addressed by horse massage, it’s every bit as important as veterinary medicine. Massage therapy should be included in every equestrian’s toolkit.

Horse massage and hydrotherapy play a very important role as preventive, maintenance and rehabilitation therapy. Hydrotherapy uses water in different forms (liquid, solid and vapour) for pain relief, treatment of wounds and rehabilitation of lameness. This method is one of the first aide treatments for horse injuries. Cold water from a hose cleanse injury in the gentlest way, it slows down the inflammatory process and reduce the amount of pain and swelling. This is the first line of defense when an injury, bruise, cut, kick or bump occurs. Cryotherapy or the use of cold water or ice is beneficial for pain because of its numbing effect and its ability to reduce inflammation. It can be done through direct immersion or direct application of ice pack. A cold water spray through a nozzle provides similar benefits of a vigorous massage.

Hydrotherapy for horses is practiced in many forms, swimming pools and water treadmills are gaining popularity for horse injury rehabilitation. Pool supports the horse body weight while allowing mobility in walking without causing strain and injury. The water helps to minimize scar tissue and increases blood circulation to the damaged part, promoting healing process.

People who wager on horse racing betting websites are mostly impressed by the horse physical appearance. If you want to maintain your horses’ healthy joints and hooves, or if he has a specific injury after winning a race, you can treat your horse to a session in a horse spa. Hydrotherapy spa uses chilled cold salt water to massage the horses’ legs; this increases oxygen content and stimulates blood flow. This method is the best solution compared to icing and bandaging horses’ legs. It helps to heal soft tissue injuries, active splints and bone fractures. The healing benefits of spas extend to horses in various levels of recovery.

The second phase to the healing process involves the use of heat to encourage circulation and maximize the healing effect. From cold water treatment hydrotherapy can be switch to applying heat. The application of heat causes blood vessels to dilate thereby increasing the blood flow to the affected area. The excess blood flow helps to drain excess fluid and dead cells out of the area. In cases of chronic injury, application of heat is more preferable. A horse with arthritis will greatly benefit from this treatment. Alternate hot and cold water treatment can be used to get the benefit of penetrating pain relief.

The right combination of horse massage and hydrotherapy provide pure equine bliss as it relaxes the horses and prevents lots of problem. Horses really enjoy their massage and hydrotherapy they become more cooperative and willing to work. Horses are athletes too and we help them win if we treat them right.

Day Spa Therapies for Retirees: Pampering For Longevity

Older individuals get the most out of their time during retirement as they are free to spend any type of activity at their own leisure. Most seniors prefer to have themselves pampered with a variety of services that will help make them look and feel good from both inside and out. Spas have become a common destination for seniors and they make use of their services on a regular day to day basis. What day spa therapies are most appealing to older generations? And which ones can help them have healthier lives, and maybe even live longer?

It should be noted that there are a huge variety of spa services that which customers can make use of. This ranges from facial to body treatments. Customers can spend an entire day at the spa without making full use of the services that they provide. As such, customers often go back for returning visits. Since retirees have all the time they have, they can benefit greatly from day spa services at any given time when the need calls for them to do so. Furthermore, day spa services don’t come cheap and it is important for retirees to plan in advance and utilize of the likes of self-managed super funds to be able to get the full benefits of day spa treatments.


One of the most popular day spa services are the facials. It aims to address a multitude of skin conditions that may affect the elderly face. In addition, a soothing facial can help lessen the appearance of wrinkles and age spots which is more apparent with older skin as they are known to be more delicate and dry. This along with hydration makes facials a popular day spa treatment which a lot of individuals are making good use of.


Aromatherapy is also another noteworthy day spa service that uses plant materials and aromatic plant oils which also includes essential oils, as well as other aromatic compounds. Its aim is to help alters one’s mood, cognitive, psychological or physical well-being which works quite well with older individuals.

Swedish massage

Massage in general can be found in day spa services however, one that is nearly always available on the spa menu is the Swedish massage. It is considered to be the gentlest forms of message and is the reason why it is quite popular to a huge number of individuals especially with older customers. Long, gentle strokes and circular, kneading motions is what a typical Swedish massage usually consists of which in turn helps improve circulation as well as reduce tension in tired muscles. In addition, the ligaments can also be worked upon by the masseuse to relieve arthritis symptoms.

Hot Spring

While not as common as other day spa services, hot springs whenever one does find one provides tons of benefits. They are known for its therapeutic uses and are also quite popular tourist destinations, and locations for rehabilitation clinics for those with disabilities.

If you happen to find these types of treatments over your local spa, don’t miss the opportunity to try them out for your own. This is especially true with regards to retirees as there is no added pressure on their part especially since they don’t have to worry about work any longer.

Ten Types of Day Spas Around the World

Dipping your toe into the delicious pool of a divine day spa is a keen experience for many of us who are inclined to indulge ourselves. Pampering our wellbeing with a green tea body wash or an extra virgin coconut oil cream is our reward for living. Having a skilled masseuse work her magic on our lithe bodies is how we best cope with the challenges of the twenty first century.

Head to Ubud in Bali and feast your senses upon the Como Shambhala Estate retreat. Perched on the side of a mountain in the rainforest, this rejuvenating Mecca has it all. Natural spring, delicious and healthy food, luxury villas, steam room, private pool and incredible programs to transform your life.

Still in Asia, try the Dhara Dhevi in Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. A truly majestic resort style spa, it is architecturally magnificent in the Thai tradition. It is modelled on the Mandalay Palace from Thailand’s ancient past. Experience the Kathi Basti treatment, where Ayurvedic oils are poured down your spine to blissfully ease tension and energy blockages.

Popping over to Hawaii and the Grand Wailea in Maui. This exceptional resort offers The Spa Grande with forty treatment rooms and hydrotherapy is their speciality. A waterfall massage will rock your world and the Roman whirlpool tub cleansed my soul.

In Germany the Caracalla Spa is in the traditional spa town of Baden Baden. Here the mineral rich springs have been soothing humans since Roman times. Upstairs at this spa they have a nudist policy, so be prepared to get it all off. Try the Black Forest Vital package with fir tree oil, mud wrap and thermal waters.

In India the Jiva Spa at the Taj Rambagh Palace in Jaipur will have you feeling like an empress. Lush garden setting complete with strutting peacocks and Mughal architecture. The spa offers traditional Ayurvedic treatments in a luxurious style. Try the honey and cream, body wrap; an almost erotic massage.

ESPA Life in London at the Corinthia Hotel is the premier urban retreat. Health and wellbeing are emphasised here with blood analysis, osteopathy services, traditional Chinese medicine, naturopathy and lots more. Opulent facilities and all the trimmings are here for the taking. The hot stone, back and facial treatment is a big wow.

In Switzerland, Therme Vals is mind blowingly stunning to look at and experience. Sixty thousand slabs of quartz have gone into the construction of this spa palace. Try the silent night bathing experience, looking up at the majestic Alps, with flower petals floating about you in a warm pool and then dip into the ice pool for just a moment.

Also very special are:

Mii amo Spa in Sedona, Arizona; Kamalaya at Koh Samui, Thailand; and One&Only Reethi Rah on the Maldives.