Slip & Falls in The Day Spa Industry: A Legal Minefield

Human beings do have accidents, it is an undeniable fact. Wherever we are, we find a way to fall on our faces, sometimes. The day spa is an environment, which lends itself, unfortunately, to slips and falls. Anywhere that there are pools and water, we find a fair few accidents occurring. It is important that all spas and facilities of this type have all the necessary safety and warning signage in place around potentially dangerous areas. Wet areas in particular must be marked and signs warning about slippery surfaces in place. Slips and falls in the day spa industry: A legal minefield in waiting for the unsuspecting and the ill prepared.

Accident Prone Spas & Hot Tubs

A recent American report in the Journal of Preventative Medicine has highlighted the big increase in hot tub-related injuries over the period 1990-2007. The study showed a 160% rise in reported accidents involving spas and hot tubs. This statistic conveys the innate danger involved in the use of these tubs. The day spa industry faces more risks due to the use of oils and chemicals in the substances that they use on their clients for massage, aromatherapy and other treatments. These invariably slippery materials can provide the perfect medium for accidents and falls to happen. Alternatively, clients may have a bad topical reaction to the balm itself.

Personal Injury Cases Abound

Day spas are wet places. What kind of flooring is best to minimise the risk of barefoot visitors slipping over and injuring themselves? What sort of document should guests be asked to sign before setting foot in the venue? These and questions like these need to be answered by those running these service businesses. Compensation lawyer websites are littered with testimonials from personal injury litigants, who have been successfully represented by their legal counsel in these cases.

Day Spa Owners & Operators Must Be Insured

Day spa owners and operators must be prepared, in every way, for the possibility of these accidents occurring at their facility. They must make the safest environment possible for their clients and staff to operate in. Slips and falls in the day spa industry: A legal minefield for those who have not prepared for the worst-case scenarios. We live in an era of litigation and, therefore, the cost of doing business must factor these possibilities into their budget. Day spa owners and operators must be insured to cover these eventualities.