Soothing Lower Back Pain: Chiropractors’ Tips

It is true that we live in an age of ever increasing specialisation. In many ways we outsource responsibility for our own physical health. Over the last hundred years we have been encouraged to seek professional medical help whenever we encounter disease or physical debilitation in any way. We are not encouraged to take responsibility for our own health and healing. In my own experience, I have had very little reason to visit the doctor; I prefer to wait things out and see what happens. In most cases, illnesses if allowed run their course and the body heals itself. Of course, supportive behaviour in the form of vitamin C, lots of water and plenty of rest goes a long way to encouraging this self-healing. What about back pain?

Soothing Lower Back Pain: Chiropractors’ Tips

I was lucky, I suppose, because I was the son of a physiotherapist, my mother. She was able to give me some sound advice whenever I suffered from lower back pain in particular. One of her favourite tips was to lie on my stomach and gently lift one leg at a time. This seemed to strengthen the core muscles around the spine and, eventually, led to my back discs slipping back into place. Chiropractors, the new kids on the block, have a number of helpful tips for soothing lower back pain. Some of which are: getting a massage; doing some aerobic exercise and even meditation, as this is supposed to encourage the release of some painkilling endorphins. Lower back pain, is often, associated with money problems; because it is here that we deal with security issues on our physical bodies. If you feel that you are carrying the weight of the world and are struggling to meet your financial responsibilities you can breakdown. Take a deep breath and remind yourself that it is never as bad as you think it is; and that there are others in your life who can share the load with you.

A chiropractor in the Sydney CBD, also, recommended plenty of restorative sleep and exercising your core muscles. Your core muscles are those located around your centre; and it is an unfortunate reality that as we spend much of our daily life seated before computer screens that these do not get adequate workouts. So, rather than racing off to see your general practitioner, why not stop and spend some time looking after yourself to see if your body might be able to heal itself. This will save you money and in the long run will contribute to you getting to know yourself better. It is ironic, in my opinion, that so many of us have no idea who we are and how we really function. In fact, we may have specialised ourselves out of existence. Nobody will ever know you as well as you can come to know yourself. Listen to your body, rather than the incessant chatter inside your head; it will make a positive change in your life.


Recycling Aerosol Cans & Other Hazardous Spa Salon Products

As an owner of a day spa salon it is your responsibility to recycle hazardous materials in the correct manner. In particular aerosol cans… What are cresol cans and how can they be recycled correctly? Why do we have a responsibility to look after our environment? As an owner of a day spa salon why should you feel proud that you are making a difference to contributing to a better future?

It should be noted that aerosol cans are not limited to spa salon products. In general, these cans are used to store and dispense a wide variety of liquid products including deodorants and hair spray to cooking oil and whipped cream, and even medicines. It has been growing in popularity with Australians purchasing more than 250 million aerosol cans each year. As such, one will not be finding any shortage of aerosol cans any time soon when they for them over the market. The problem however is how these cans are disposed in the present.

It should be noted that the physical structure of aerosol cans is comprised of steel and aluminium and both of these can be recycled. Furthermore in Australia, aerosol recycling is well-established which contributes in reducing landfill waste while at the same time reduces greenhouse emissions. With that being said, a number of people don’t dispose their aerosol cans properly throwing them away like regular waste. Others get rid of their aerosol cans right away with fears of having them explode. There is however a correct way to effectively get rid of aerosol cans and this is by recycling them.

The first step is to find local council recycling centers that accepts aerosol cans for disposal. After you’ve gathered them, you can place your used aerosols in your metals recycling bin. One advantage of both aluminium and steel used in aerosol cans is that these materials can be infinitely recycled without degrading. As a result, these items can be recycled time and time again which helps reduce the use of valuable resources.

Before you decide to dispose of your aerosol cans, make sure that these are empty. However, if you are uncertain if they are empty or not, do not attempt to pierce or squash them. This is because their contents are highly pressurized and is capable of explosion if heated or otherwise mishandled. In addition, empty cans have a tendency to contain remnants of its original content.  As such, avoid puncturing aerosol cans at any costs and let a certified recycler handle these cans on their own. What you can do however, is to remove any plastic parts like lids if possible to ensure fast and seamless disposal.

We do have a responsibility to look after our environment especially if we want to preserve them for our future generation. For day spa salon owners, waste management and recycling oftentimes result to a positive feedback coming from the community and this in turn helps contribute in drawing further interest and attention to your salon.