Why Retreats Are Actually Good

The world we live in can be a very hectic place. We often have to work hard and do our best to keep up. This daily pushing and forging ahead can be strenuous. We need to re-evaluate and rest. We need to pull back. A retreat, so to speak. That is what the actual word means, to pull back.

As much as routines help our daily lives, it often destroys our creativity and spontaneity. Regular vacations sometimes create more trouble than it’s worth. The trouble prior to you going on your vacation for example. Extensive planning, making the booking, checking that you have completed and are up to date on your shots. The time spent on these can be a struggle. Whereas going to a spa for a well deserved rest for a day or a week is nice. A retreat differs from a vacation as it is an intentional time for reflection and analyse overall health.

This is a regrouping of your energy. Rechecking that you are not spread too thin with the daily struggles of life. This is a chance for you to go back to what you love, re-establish who you are. Getting back to basics and being with nature restarts your body rhythms. Breathing in fresh air and lots of natural light and sunshine is good for you. The perfect place to conduct professional development for teachers or school holiday programs. Intimate and reflective, and going back to nature.


A nature retreat where you can be near natural sounds of water, birds chirping and horses from afar. Be inspired again with nature in this lush location. Everywhere you set your eyes on is green and thriving. Indulge in yoga or their other short wellness programs available. Unplug and unwind, focus and reflect on your journey, your past and where you want your future to be. Visit the paddocks where the horses are or grab a pair of binoculars, see what local birds you can identify.  

In this frantic world we live in, it would greatly benefit us to pause, reflect and rejuvenate our spirits.Life is a delicate balance. Retreats lets us take stock of our direction, resolve what we have to and regain our footing.