The Day Spa, Salon and Resort industry is a diverse and exciting realm, full of exotic facilities in inspiring geographic locations. This website is dedicated to providing information about what is available and where. We will be listing and reviewing spas and resorts right around the globe. What are the highlights of these places? What therapies and treatments are featured? What is the defining ambience of each particular spa, salon or resort? Are the people that staff these places friendly, professional and good at what they do? We will endeavour to answer all these questions and more on your behalf.


A trip to a spa, salon or resort is a healing journey and you want to ensure that you are being properly looked after. Your time in these temples of tranquillity, can be exquisite moments of centred contemplation. Experiences where you can open your heart and trust that you are in safe hands. Hands that can soothe away stresses and massage you back in shape. Our sensory selves will respond to the perfect recipe of aromatic and auditory ingredients. There are many different pathways to perfection in the day spa and resort realm. We will be lighting a candle for you, to help you find your way.

You will see images of the most awe-inspiring spas and resorts. Read about the wonderful natural features, which make these places so divine. Discover new treatments, never seen before. Guests bathing in pools under the stars, with harmonic sounds serenading them on their way. Body work performed by young Greek gods, like Colossus and Herakles. Your naked body, oiled and rubbed by strong and knowledgeable fingers, seeking out knots and tension. In a quest to release you from your physical stresses. Healing in all its many myriad of modalities, here on display.

Day spas and resorts are about pleasure. Pleasure for your sensory body, and, perhaps, your soul. Places where you can unwind through healthy pursuits and under the guidance of well trained therapists. We invite you to explore the many facilities listed and reviewed here for your inspection. Life is too short to deny yourself the delectable pleasure of a session or program at one of these temples of healing. Seek and yee shall find.  The range available is ever expanding, as the market increases, and the industry grows to meet the demand. We hope that you will enjoy your time, researching the possibilities and limitless pleasures contained here within our posts and pages.