Time to Have an Adult Chat About Your Health

On occasions, we receive clients at our day spas who are, somewhat, disassociated from their current health status. In these situations, as responsible health practitioners, we see it as time to have an adult chat about your health. You may be a smoker, seriously overweight, or exhibiting some other profoundly unhealthy attitude to life, and it is our duty to bring some awareness to these potentially life threatening circumstances. Transformation begins with the sincere desire for change and only then can the many therapies we offer begin to affect your life in positive directions.

Attitudinal work is as important as any of the physical modalities we employ to heal you and transform your outlook on your existence. Toxic personalities are the result of bad attitudes and negative ways of thinking. Learning to heal these, and to be open to new and positive thoughts about yourself, are the cornerstones to our therapeutic approach in the day spa industry. Soothing experiences can begin to make you feel safer, but you must understand that the real work will need to be done by you. As practitioners, we can only point out the way and various methods by which you can undertake this self healing.

When it is time to have an adult chat about your health, it is usually, a ‘fork in the road’ moment where you instigate change or you get very sick. By this I mean that it is late in the day for this change to be affected and without it a health crisis is imminent. You cannot go on ignoring the signs as you age, such as carrying serious excess weight, smoking, drinking too much and indulging in other debilitating habits. Eventually life catches up with you and you will be forced to pay for your intemperance.

Day spas are places where you can come and experience beautiful therapies, which may be sensual and calming; but you cannot expect these experiences if you are on the verge of a health crisis. In these circumstances, we are a sanctuary to have that serious discussion about your health. We offer a place where you can openly lay all your cards on the table and together we can evaluate your options. It is never too late for change, but you must bring all of you to bear on your quest for redemption. We are here to help, but we need your profound assistance.