Digital Technology for Day Spas: How to Market & Run a Spa Better

Holistic therapists are, in the main, more concerned with healing others and providing a sanctuary from the unfeeling world. We want to soothe you and transport you to sensory realms free from worry and the harsh realities of some people’s normal lives. We are, also, often running businesses, which must survive and hopefully thrive economically. To achieve both of these aims technology can help us by allowing us to be better organised and to communicate more effectively. Life in the scented world of the day spa is about balancing and multitasking, with a minimum of stress of course, because we are, ultimately, a stress free zone.

Digital technology can greatly assist us by improving both intercommunication, between the various parts of our business, and external communications, in the form of marketing to our potential client base. It can reduce expenses and target its effectiveness to produce business viability. Running a program like Office 365 can provide the pathways between team members to share information and communicate for the betterment of the operation as a whole. Client information needs to be shared by the therapists, accounts and the marketing department; and this great Microsoft program can underpin all the connected strands of our business.

Obviously, a website is paramount to the effective promotion of a day spa. This website must not only be beautiful and informative, it must be SEO-ed to ensure that it reaches our full potential market base. It must be on Google’s first page for the optimal keywords for the day spa industry. When a potential client searches online for a day spa in our city, or for a particular therapy or modality that we offer, we must come up tops in that search. To help this further we would want our social media to be managed and maintained by professionals.

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter are all channels of social media, which can funnel interest toward our day spa. These things need to be updated weekly and, even, daily if possible, to make best use of their abilities to successfully market our business. Digital technology is a great friend for the day spa industry and a thriving business will utilise it completely for optimal marketing results. Images of day spa therapies inspire women to come and experience them. Beauty, tranquillity, calm, deep tissue, massage, aromatherapy: these are all terms which can excite women to act upon their urges.