The Holistic Electrician: Wiring Up a Day Spa

How many holistic electricians do you know? Count them up and let me know because we live in an age of bean counting. Measuring stuff is what modern life is all about. The compound of these two seemingly disparate elements may strike you as dichotomous. On the one hand we have the airy fairy realm of unseen connectivity between all things and on the other alternating current enclosed in wires powering the world. Yes, they both recognise connectivity, but one wears loose fitting robes, and the other is a tradie. How do you bring these poles together in a spirit of attraction rather than repulsion on the electromagnetic scale?

Ceiling Fan or Air Conditioning in a Health Retreat?

In a day spa or retreat of course. The holistic electrician: Wiring up a day spa for me or you to enjoy. Hands up if you have been to a day spa. Was it a relaxing experience? Were you massaged and perfumed into a state of physical and cosmic bliss? Choosing ceiling fan installation as well as air-conditioning is often a health consideration over just comfort. Spending a lot of time in an air-conditioned environment is not particularly conducive to good health. We need to perspire to keep our skin in optimal condition and to naturally release toxins. The health retreat is not really about luxurious living it is much more than that. Aromatherapy and meditation must be housed in a healthy environment.

Promoting Health & Safety Professionally

The holistic electrician is on-board with insight into how everything links up across our world. He or she is promoting health and safety in all that they do professionally and personally. They go to another level when it comes to on the job performance and care for their clients. These bright sparks delve deeper into the mysteries of electromagnetism and how it impacts upon human health and wellbeing. These sparkies are not wham bam thank you Ma’am tradies but servants of the sanctity of life.

Ranking on Google as an electrician for the health industry does not happen without a real commitment to the ethos of this sector. Day spas and health retreats must be wired by those with a profound understanding of how everything connects and impacts upon everything else. Life is a holistic web, and it pulsates with energy unfettered by the lack of insight perpetuated by the many with limited awareness and understanding. Narrow minded viewpoints do not change the vista on display in the universe.