Desert Travel in Australia

The Big Dry: Desert Travel in Australia

Australia’s desert covers about 70% of its landmass. The information is intriguing but not as imprecise as an actual visit to the big dry. Imagine camping in one of the deserts and the silence of the nights. It offers utter remoteness with a combination of endless red sand topped with blue skies.

The desert attraction goes beyond simple isolation and remoteness for the locals. It is rich with old indigenous culture and even the recent European explorers in history. Also, you can enjoy retracing the steps of the explorers and the long residence in the form of reliable waterholes and other making physical features. The dry areas are scenic beauty, and the Darling River Run is one of the few 4WD tours where you might see water.

Planning Pays for the Visit

In remote lands, nothing beats planning. You need to mind the number of unique factors that will make your trip a success. One of the essentials is the fuel usage for your 4WD. The accurate fuel estimation is one step and a crucial factor for a successful dessert adventure.

Vehicles use more fuel when driving off-road. The consumption is higher due to the energy needed to navigate the thick sand and its mechanical weight. Maps come in handy to check for re-fuelling stations and the points of stoppage.

Some visitors carry fuels in jerricans if they have been going for some adventures. Also, check on the limit that your vehicles should take. Three are legal issues that may bar you from carrying excess weight on your vehicle other than its proper usage.

Another essential liquid in the desert is water. You should have in excess to keep everyone hydrated. Water is crucial for other activities like cooking, washing up, personal hygiene, and topping up the vehicle radiators. Resupply points are spread across distances in the desert, and your map will help locate these places.

Setting Your Basecamp

It is fun to pull up in the middle of a desert in the evening to set your camp and watch the sun sets over the dunes. The impressive view sounds like a dream scenario. However, it would help if you had the power to keep the camp lit the whole night until you experience another magical sunrise in the morning. The lights should keep glowing, and you need to keep the fridge cool. The night experience is impressive when you have power.

The best power options include a dual battery setup and a system that can incorporate the sun’s power. Portable solar panels are easy to get and are very reliable to provide energy at night. Investing in solar systems is a step away from experiencing your adventure in the day and night effectively.

Timing Is Important

Setting out for a desert adventure can be time-consuming. You need to plan, get the capital, and finally set out for Australia. Consider the time you will use to get all the factors checked effectively. There is no rush in the desert because the distances are covered in thick sand.

Final Thought

It is time to enjoy the heat of the sand, the warmth of the welcome, and the unending desert adventure. Set out today to make your plans to visit Australia and enjoy the most intriguing desert adventure in the world.