Silence Is Sacred for Spiritual Healing & Your Privacy

There are many more people seeking tranquillity these days, than the usual suspects, like monks and Buddhists. In this frenetic world that we live in, here in the high-tech wealthy west, there are a growing number of denizens, who are desperately in need of a retreat. A retreat from the demands of a never ceasing digital realm. Silence is sacred for spiritual healing and your privacy. Peace of mind comes with real privacy. If you have a deep and abiding sense of your own privacy, then, solitude is not always necessary.

Privacy is an Essential Part of Peace

If you feel that the world is forever listening in to your thoughts and communications, perhaps, taking steps toward securing your privacy may assist your equilibrium. Balance is an important fundamental in spiritual terms. Our journey toward tranquillity and understanding is best accompanied by a centredness. The sage expression, “tether your camel”, springs to mind. One cannot achieve that true inner calm if there are important loose ends blowing in the wind. Make sure that you have secured your circle before letting it all hang out. Privacy is an essential part of peace.

Corporate Hotel Spas are Faux Spiritual Retreats

Surprisingly or not surprisingly the locker rooms of luxury-end day spas are often bugged. Many powerful and influential people patronise these establishments and the unscrupulous nature of our 21C universe tempts some people. I suppose, it goes with the territory when corporate hotel chains pretend to be spiritual to turn a dollar via a Zen spa or health retreat. These places are only skin deep in their commitment to the values embodied by these spiritual traditions. Money cannot buy everything folks, a brand is not the real thing, it is just a marketing ploy.

We Live in a Materialistic Society

Silence is sacred for spiritual healing and your privacy in the 21C. Share your innermost secrets with only your self and most trusted loved ones. Do not think that the paid worker in your luxury spa is anything more than that. Your masseuse or aromatherapist is not really a Zen monk, no matter what they may indicate to you. We live in a materialistic society, where money talks louder than the sound of one hand clapping. Enjoy the bodywork and the relaxing treatments, but remember the décor is merely a setting. The luxury spa is there to make money like everything else in this world.