Setting Up Your Own Day Spa: Getting the Finance

It is a dream of many of us to own our own day spa. We can see it in our mind’s eye in all its palatial glory. The immaculate pools of water lapping their tiled edges and the expanses of glass showing some incredible vista in the distance. The many treatment rooms with massage tables and clients being worked on by therapeutic professionals. We can smell the aromatherapy wafting around the rooms calming all and sundry; may it be rosemary, lime and sandalwood. The refreshment lounge where exquisite organic meals are consumed in a Zen like space. All of these visions cost money and setting up your own day spa: getting the finance, these things can be challenging.

Should you go for an investor model or is it better to try to fund it all yourself using business loans? How much are you likely to need? These questions need to be answered before you manifest your dream into a reality on the material plane. There is no denying that more and more people are making use of facilities like day spas and treatment centres. Wellness is a preventative health industry and day spas are places that people can go to unwind and de-stress. The market is there and now you just need the money to build the darn thing.

Getting investors can be a wise business decision, as you can share the load with them; but you need clear understandings and a good lawyer to draw up the agreements who has experience in these things. All businesses are a risk and some ninety percent of new businesses fail within the first two years; so try to avoid creating unrealistic expectations in terms of the return on their investment and the risks involved. Getting a small business loan from a lending centre is, really, another form of investment, but most likely you will have to secure that business loan with some other property, like your home.

Spend some time in a few successful day spas and see what they are doing right; pay attention to the business side of things rather than just being a client. Seek out the day spa association and attend some seminars. Examine the marketing and advertising campaigns of some of the day spa businesses. Talk to industry players and ask pertinent questions about the business and the industry. Immerse yourself in all things day spa before you take the plunge; making a dream a reality is a powerful thing, so be prepared.