Saying I Do in a Spa

Weddings are joyous celebrations. This is a time where friends and family members get to cheer and celebrate the joining of two people in love. Wishing this married couple well on the beginning of their life together as one. It is supposed to be a happy day, exciting and a little crazy. It can also be exhausting. Especially for the bride and groom. Hey, here’s an idea, how about saying I do in a spa?

Resorts and spas have always been a place to go to for relaxation. So why not start there when you are expecting a day filled with ardorous activities like weddings? The place obviously already calls for calmness and the promise of relaxation. 

Day spas have evolved to being much more than having facials and your nails done. They have become retreats and a place to re-energise,  to regain concentration and much needed clarity. Destination spas and resorts have the space and the ambiance. You could rent the whole place and do-it-yourself or you can ask them if they have packages or offers that incorporate what you have in mind. Sydney has some great choices for a wedding celebration. They can include the setting, the food, cake, even wedding day makeup or you can bring your own artists and stylists for your big day. Some talented Sydney wedding makeup artists can be booked in advance.


A big plus is that they also have the rooms to accommodate your guests. You could be there a day early to get pampered to your heart’s content. Some spa packages include free nights stay for the bride or groom or both or a pre-nuptial photoshoot at the grounds. You would benefit from packages because they would be handling the brunt of the planning. That will leave you with personalising the stuff you would like to incorporate in the ceremony or the reception. 

After the I do’s and the toasts and the dancing, there are rooms where the guests who overindulged can rest. Out of towners can also rest up before heading back home after seeing you tie the knot and celebrate with you.