Healing Our Wellbeing

In the twenty first century, we live at a time when we desire to enjoy more wellbeing than at any other epoch in the history of humanity. We are living during a time of amazing new approaches to health and healing; when the practitioners of pioneering wellbeing modalities are arriving, almost, daily. In Healing Our Wellbeing I have collected my published articles dealing with a variety of healing techniques, nutritional approaches and therapies, in an attempt to offer you some insight and understanding into this exciting field.

Many of these healing modalities and their sources of wisdom, are, in fact, ancient, sometimes dating back to the ancient civilizations. Despite this, there are, new adaptations of these timeless truths and many of them have been  reborn into new forms. History, to a number of people, is an unknown ship and so the wisdom offered here may, actually, shine new light on the cause of unhappiness and, poor health. The intention of this book is to introduce an audience to new approaches to healing and to increase their sense of wellbeing.

Thought Field Therapy, or the tapping technique, can offer incredible relief to many sufferers, to those who cannot find healing in what we call allopathic medicine, today – tapping on the meridians was discovered by Chinese medicine thousands of years ago. House Therapy is my very own insight, which links the psychological reality of our homes to our minds, or, indeed, soul; and showing how we can heal and change things through this understanding. Retreats and Spas have become our new holiday – a new holy day on which to heal.

What we eat and drink; and how we consume is very much who we are. The science of nutrition must be one of the most exciting new fields of knowledge, when it comes to understanding our health; and there a great selection of written pieces here on our physical selves. I hope that you enjoy the writing and finish this book with a greater understanding of your health; and some of the therapies and approaches to healing that currently abound in  our beautiful universe today.

I love to explore the passion and techniques embodied by the great therapists and visionaries who are healing our wellbeing. Join me in discovering their processes and powerful intentions, as body, mind and spirit are touched by the healing hands and thoughts of a special family of men and women.