Brisbane Day Spas: Here’s 3 We Recommend Highly

A day spa experience can be a wonderfully rejuvenating thing. If the therapists are well trained and delightful, and the facility itself is designed to be a real retreat from the busy urban existence we all inhabit, then, healing can happen on a profound level. Australian cities have embraced the day spa concept and in most of the major cities you will find a few exceptional examples. If you have never been to a day spa, it is a special experience, and we urge you to do so. Brisbane is home to some fabulous day spas and here are three that we recommend:

Brisbane Day Spas: Here’s 3 We Recommend Highly

The Sakura Day Spa Brisbane is a suitably tranquil place to find sanctuary from the modern hub bub we now call living. As the name suggests, it has an Asian feel to it, a graceful, contemplative ambience. The many treatments can transport you to a calmer space within yourself and the look of the place supports that process. Aromatherapy works via your olfactory sense and smell is one of the most profound sensory experiences. The staff here are wonderful, very good at what they do and respectful of your head space. Many women feel that they lack pampering in their lives and here at Sakura you can top up on that pampering to feel special once again.

Sakura Day Spa
1A/54 Vernon Tce, Teneriffe/New Farm
Brisbane, Qld 4005.
07 3257 3408

Five star international hotels are often home to day spas and the Marriott Hotel in Brisbane is a shining example of that symbiotic relationship. Top quality is an ethos which inhabits this modern day palace of your dreams. Pools are very important at spas, the best spas have a surfeit of pools and they usually look and feel amazing. The pool deck here is no exception, with river views and a tremendous sense of space. You can get wrapped, scrubbed and reborn at Dome, amid a nurturing haze of luscious aromas. This is professional beauty treatment at its best.

The Dome Spa Retreat
Brisbane Marriott Hotel, Level 4
515 Queen St, Brisbane
QLD, 4000.
07 3833 1300

Stephanies Spa retreat is another hotel based facility. Well appointed, and peopled by sensitive therapists doing sublime things with their hands. Tranquillity and nurturing abound in the many rooms of this fine establishment. Your skin will be transformed by sensational treatments of every description. Well worth a visit!

Stephanies Spa Retreat
Sofitel Brisbane Central, Level 3
249 Turbot St, Brisbane
QLD, 4000
07 3221 8800

Even, living near a day spa can improve the value of your property, that is just how special these places are. Buying a property for investment in Brisbane you might like to consider a day spa as a neighbour. We hope that you get the chance to attend one of these very fine establishments sometime soon.