Building and Marketing Day Spas

The concept of the spa dates back at least to the Roman period where classes of all kinds from the wealthy nobleman to the lowliest peasant would engage in cleaning, bathing, relaxation, exercise, and aromatherapy. Although spas have changed significantly since the Roman era – we do not all clean ourselves in a common bathtub, for instance – there are some trends which appear to be ubiquitous for spas the world over. Some of these are well-known, and other ones are becoming trends, especially with tech workers. Being able to get in on one of these trends in spa relaxation will be a great way to ensure that your spa remains relevant for years to come. This is especially important that the spa works with a digital agency somewhere like Byron Bay to ensure that it is widely known and gets publicity with the groups you target.

Go Organic

One of the first and most important things to remember is that more entrepreneurs and tech workers are learning about the personal and economic benefits of being properly relaxed. They are looking for spas that are as innovative and creative as they are and so one trend in recent years – and one that is tailor-made for the spa and relaxation industry – is the trend towards more organic materials, elements, and experiences. Going organic can look like a variety of different things; for starters it can mean that the aromatherapy, the nice smells you put into the air, is all derived from the actual plants or mineral bases that they come from as opposed to artificial chemical infusion. At an organic spa, the jasmine oil or other essential oils used would actually come from the plants themselves and not from a chemical mixture that approximates the smell of them.

Go Green and Source Locally

In some ways, spas have gone organic for centuries, utilizing natural hot springs, mineral baths, and mineral infused mud like the Dead Sea mud. These are all great organic ways of enhancing beauty. However, apart from aromatherapy and natural hot springs or naturalized beauty products, there are also the natural elements themselves. Having a Zen garden, growing exotic fragrant flowers, and perhaps even growing the very materials used for your beauty treatments there on location are all fantastic ways of enhancing the therapeutic senses of a day at the spa.

Many studies have shown how humans react positively and feel more relaxed when surrounded by elements of living nature such as plants, flowers, and trees. Using this ground-breaking research and incorporating it into a health spa designed to meet the needs of business leaders and imitators who need to be at peace is a great way to keep them coming back. The by-product of this can also be profitable for a spa as well. Growing your own cucumbers for cucumber facial masks, or gathering oranges or lemons from your own trees grown on the spa grounds and using those in different aromatherapies are also great ways of ensuring freshness and newness, and also being able to give your clients a little something special as your beauty products can be made on site.

Build and Drink Organic

In addition to the organic craze, creating a more naturalistic setting for your spa can also be helpful. Using tables or elements made from bamboo or other renewable sources of wood not only adds an organic feel to the spa, but can also subconsciously aid in the relaxation enjoyed by your customers. There are many different ways of enhancing a customer’s relaxation at a spa. Already mentioned are mineral baths, mineral and organic facial masks, aromatherapy, and massages which are very traditional but another great one that is beginning to make serious inroads in western spa centres is the brewing and enjoyment of tea as well. This infusion of Chinese or Japanese style of spa treatment helps relax the soul as well as the body. Elegant tea ceremonies are becoming very popular and offering a variety of organic teas and showing individuals how to conduct a tea ceremony properly are all fantastic ways of innovating on the ancient business of relaxation as you help industry leaders be at peace.


Ways To Promote & Market a Day Spa

A day spa business is an excellent business choice since everybody seems to lead a busy and stress-filled life. But the day spa market is getting increasingly crowded, your business needs to stand out from the rest to survive and grow. Here are 12 ways to promote and market your day spa to help you stand out from the crowd:

1. Invest in your website
The company website gives first impression of your business to potential customers online. It is the first thing searchers will see before they visit your day spa. Make your website visually appealing by putting photos from your premises. Map out the details of your spa, include the services you offer and spread awareness about your spa treatments. Make your website responsive since more and more customers are using mobile devices to find products, services and locate businesses in their area. Creating a visually appealing and responsive website for your spa would be a key element in your promotion strategy if you want to be competitive in the spa market.

2. Window Display
A dazzling window display is a great free advertising for your spa. A well-designed graphics that catches the eye both inside and outside of your business premises will increase your visibility to passers-by and encourage potential customers to look in and try your treatments.

3. Social media
Take advantage of the social media frenzy. Social media fan pages is great supplement to your website. Create account in social networking sites frequently used by your target market. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn are a great place to start building your brand with little to no cost. Use your pages to post daily specials, new products or services and important information. Your fan pages can also be a great place to showcase your expertise in your field by giving beauty tips and advice on health and relaxation. You can also use social media to connect with your existing customer and potential customers. Social media development and management requires time and patience. Hiring a digital agency is sometimes more cost effective than managing your social media accounts in-house.

4. Facebook Advertising
One of the most efficient ways to market a day spa is to leverage Facebook’s targeted advertising. You’ll only need to pay ads to the exact people you’d like to connect with on Facebook. Targeted advertising will help you find the right customers across different devices, deliver relevant messages, get the most value for your money by spending on people that matter to you. Facebook advertising will also give you the ability to analyse data and adjust your strategy.

5. Start Blogging
Create a blog in your website if you do not have one. Blogging get your readers excited about health, fitness and beauty. Getting people to read your blog will create brand awareness. It is also a great way to give health and beauty advice to your readers. Post the blog to your social media pages and put a link to direct them to your website, this will increase web traffic. Always update your blog, consistent post will create trust in your brand and convert visitors to new customers.

6. Promotion
Good promotions create buzz. Everybody loves to receive gifts, giving away samplers or promotional anti-stress products with your name and logo is a great promotional tactic. An introductory promo package is especially effective for introducing new customers to the full range of your services. A simple spa package such as manicure and facial or mani-pedi created for special occasions like Valentine’s Day helps to create referrals and repeat business.

7. Referral program
A referral incentive program for your regular customers will keep them happy and will help you build your business. Offering a free service or a discount as a reward for your customer will keep them motivated to return to your place. You can leverage this by offering exclusive access to those who referred and referred by business referrals such as hair salons, dermatologist, gyms and other professionals you do business with.

8. Lead generation
Lead generation is beneficial for marketing your day spa. When customer fill out their initial appointment form, make sure you also get the email address and user names on social networking sites. Offer an incentive when they include their email address by giving them beauty and health tips. You can also create a landing page on your website that captures email address, offer them discount or free trial to services as an incentive. You can also send traffic to this page using social media and paid Facebook targeted ads. Once you have built your email list, create an autoresponder that automatically send email to your list on a regular basis with interesting content and specials.

9. Video Marketing
Video marketing through video sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo give away free information. Show people the kind of treatment and services offered in your spa. Use videos for storytelling in a visual and compelling way. Adding a video to your website and social media pages can increase customer conversion by 30-40%.

10. Offer incentives to local companies
Offer beauty and fitness assessment to local companies as a perk to their employees. This will allow you to utilise one point person to reach a large group of people. You can work a partnership with the company that will look like the perk is offered by them. This way the company will be more likely to promote your day spa.

11. Discounts
Offer services in a package of three, five or more at a corresponding discount. This will keep the customers coming back to get the service and you get the money upfront. Start a loyalty program with incremental rewards, your customer will invest in reaching their reward and remain loyal to your spa. You can also consider giving a discount card as a reward that customer can give to a friend if they desire.

12. Customer Service
Nothing beats an excellent customer service for promotion. Customers who feel they’re slighted are quick to complain on Yelp or social media sites. Address your customer issues promptly especially if they use social media to air their concerns. Give each of your customer the same outstanding service whether they are discounted or paying in full. Give every customer the royal treatment and you are sure of repeat business.